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How Does Bookkeeping Help My Business?

Know exactly where your money is coming and going. Understanding cash flow allows you to make better decisions. Come tax time you will be up to date. Having accurate books maximizes your returns.

No More Dreading Tax Season

Tax season can be a time consuming, overwhelming and confusing time. CRA treats businesses as a single entity and the burden of having to file taxes is on the business, just like an individual. SB Accounting turns tax season from a nightmare to a dream.

Track Your Expenses

Keeping your books up to date and in order is the best way to make sure your tax season goes smooth and without surprises. SB Accounting makes it easier than ever to stay organized.

Make accurate decisions, fast

We take the guesswork out and ensure your books are up-to-date and 100% accurate.

Quickly Assess Your Business’s Financial Health

One of the most important aspects of a successful business is having accurate and up to date ledgers and journals. Take the pulse of your business, see where allocated funds are being spent, and more importantly help you locate revenue or income. Ask any of our clients and they will tell you the key to success is knowing the numbers.

Our bookkeeping services keep you informed, help to make better decisions, and be prepared for the future.

Working with us provides a number of attractive benefits for your company

With so many accounting firms out there, it’s hard to know who you can trust. That’s why our entire company culture is anchored in honesty and transparency. We have hundreds of happy clients, which has made us the fastest growing accounting firm in Ottawa

Learn about the benefits


Simplified so you never have to spend time figuring out what CRA needs


You only pay for what you need, nothing more with our transparent, flat rate fee structure.


We stay on top of the complicated and ever changing tax laws and rules so you don’t have to.


NEVER worry about talking to us or reaching out, you won’t be charged extra.

With our accountants in place, you will NEVER be in the dark about where your business stands financially, have to chase employees for payroll information or be nervous about CRA requirements. We'll be there with you at each step of the way.


Stephanie is very easy to work with, she provides reliable and timely service. She is personable and thinks outside the box. Stephanie is interested in the best outcome for her clients business and invests time and thought in her interactions with clients. I highly recommend her services! She is a pleasure to work with.

Shannon LaPietra
Owner, The Beauty Spot
Stittsville, ON

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